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God Forgive Us, We Have Burnt A Saint

Riverside Studios | July 2023 | Production

Joan hears angels.
Joan is a Capricorn.
And Joan is dying today.

Girlhood, godhood and begging to be believed.

Of sound(ish) mind and barely legal age, Joan must complete her last will and testament.

“A Saint is just a ghost that’s happy about it.

And you’ll be a saint, Joan.”

Written by Aliya Gilmore’s (LAIKA), directed by Cassia Thakkar (Lotus Beauty), God Forgive Us, We Have Burnt A Saint examines how universal and timeless the female experience and plays at Riverside Studios from 17th July to 19th July 2023.


Written by Aliya Gilmore.

Directed by Cassia Thakkar.

Dramaturg by Flo Winkley.

Design by Clara Lattimer Walter.

Lighting Design by Olamatu Jabbie.

Sound Design by Arianna Munoz.

Composition by Angelica Shortanova.

Stage Manager: Daisy Robinson.

Producer: Blemme Fatale Productions.

Giorgia Laird as Joan.

Photos by Lamesha Ruddock

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