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Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Tomorrow: Here to Stay Collage Workshop @ TIFF Bell LightBox

This was a great start to my journey. It was an amazing collage workshop led by Emkay Adjei Manu and arranged by Nia Centre for the Arts.  I bumped into my mentor Melissa J. Nelson who I got to meet in person for the first time! We looked at recorded archival materials like “Older, Stronger, Wiser” to inspire themes in our collage. 

The themes I teased out were:

  • Self-confidence 

  • Communication

  • Digital 

  • Storytelling 

I created a piece titled “kiss me i’m coloured, eh”

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea @ TPM

My first production in Toronto. I’m not going to lie I wasn’t in love with the playtext. It was about a pair who meet in a bar and quickly fall in love but are both holding onto some real trauma that has really impacted their self-worth so it’s not a healthy dynamic  - I think? Great performances from the University of Toronto duo. 

Sweeter @ Cahoots

My first BLACK production in Toronto. iykyk - let’s just say we were fed fried chicken, cornbread, rice and peas, and coleslaw at the opening reception. Which I absolutely devoured! A beautiful new Canadian play that looks at familial relationships, community, our relationship and duty to nature, and the exploitation of dark Black bodies. Thanks so much to Lisa for arranging opening day tickets for me. It is playing until December 17th!

I will make sure to listen better. 

Creative Workshop @ Toronto Metropolitan University

My first research study! Having seen the callout on Facebook I knew I had to book myself onto it. We were guided through making creative pieces to put in our creative toolbox as arts workers. I was really proud of the pieces I made around messages for my future self if she ever gets stuck or lost.

Toronto Marlies v Belleville Senators

My first hockey game! The Marlies led the majority of the game but the Senators had a terrific comeback winning in overtime.

Why is Hockey so aggressive?

 How is fighting at work so normalised?

 Is it a distraction tactic?

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