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Streatham Space Project | September 2023 | Production

“Clap dem!”

A group of young Black Londoners are tasked with rebooting Miss Lou Bennett’s iconic television programme - Ring Ding. A pilot episode about Jamaica, about London, and the 7556km long cultural knowledge gap the diaspora knows too well.

Presented by the I’NA SUIT YOU collective, this sparkling new multi-narrative ensemble piece offers an insightful look into young people’s desire to learn their own culture and the extent they’ll go to do so.


Written and performed by Tarah Johnson, Freya Shury-Smith, Mia Thompson, Kobi Watson and Kaila Gordon.

Directed by Nubia Assata
Dramaturgy by Curmiah St Catherine
Design by Lamesha Ruddock
Sound Design by Sharif Khalid
Lighting Design by Olamatu Jabbie
Vocal Coach: Rayon Johnson
Stage Manager: Niquelle LaTouche
Assistant Stage Manager: Davinia Isaac
Historians: Natalie Fagan-Brown and Liz Millman
Producer: Blemme Fatale Productions
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