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Reparative Archival Work @ Northrop Fyre Centre Lecture

What is the legacy of Sui Sin Far?

How impactful is answering personal ancestry questions?

What is the role of the government and academic institutions in facilitating these answers?

Archive Visit @ City of Toronto Archives

What is the role of the Archivist in naming unnamed photographs?

What is the role of the Archivist in making the process easy for the public to access?

Black Archive Alliance @ OCAD

How can we tell a history through art?

Why aren’t we using global partnerships to highlight the history of racism in Canada?

Karaoke @ Ambassador Pizza Co

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Why can’t you sing?

Archive Visit @ Clara Thomas Archives

How do archives validate your research and interests?

How do you add to an archive?

Archive Visit @ University of Toronto Archives

Why do you feel policed when an archive asks to search your notebook?

Why are the notes, the sketches on the back of documents just as important?

Ten Minute Theatre @ Super Wonder Gallery 

Why do you want to make the audience uncomfortable?

Are they even aware of how much Black Capitalism they consume?

Third Tuesday Night Free @ Royal Ontario Museum 

Why do we like Dinosaurs?

Why is it so insidious living on stolen land?

Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s - Now @ Art Gallery of Ontario 

Has anything changed at Stoke Newington Police Station?

How similar is the Caribbean-British and Caribbean-Canadian experience?

Social Thinker’s Trivia Night @ Free Times Cafe

What is general knowledge?

How do you take the leap to make friends?

Passion Play @ Buddies in Bad Times

How do you make a story really funny and relevant?

When do flags turn red? 

Archive Visit @ Archives of Ontario

How do Archivists get people through the door?

How do Archives activate their space?

Golden Beauty Supply @ DesignTO Festival

Have I ever had a unique experience?

Why are Black Hairdressers closing down?

Six @ Royal Alexandra Theatre

Why aren’t they using British accents?

Why are the songs so catchy?

Archive Visit @ McMaster Archive

Is the Miss Lou fonds in the right location?

How surreal does it feel to touch something you’ve read about, written about, talked about?

Casey and Diana @ Soulpepper Theatre

Why don’t we explicitly celebrate the Lesbians (especially the Black Lesbians) who cared for those experiencing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic? 

What is the history in Toronto?

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